GCDkit versions available (Win only)

Version Release date GCDkit Installer R Installer Patch Library
(advanced users)
4.1 Feb. 10, 2016 GCDkit4.1_for_R3.2.1.exe R 3.2.1 GCDkit_4.1.zip pdf
Legacy versions
4.00 Nov. 15, 2015 GCDkit4.00_for_R3.2.1.exe R 3.2.1 GCDkit_4.00.zip pdf
3.00 June 21, 2013 GCDkit3.00_for_R2.13.2_patched.exe R 2.13.2 GCDkit_3.00_patched.zip pdf
3.00 May 11, 2013 GCDkit3.00_for_R2.13.2.exe R 2.13.2 patch
2.3 May 11, 2008 GCDkit2.3_for_R2.7.0.exe R 2.7.0 pdf

Download & run instructions

Advanced users

As an alternative for advanced users, the current version of GCDkit is also available as R library: GCDkit_4.1.zip, running under R 3.2.1, further depending on libraries R2HTML, RODBC and sp. The R console should run in SDI mode.

To install GCDkit 4.1 as library, you have to:

To run GCDkit next time, you have to repeat the second and the last step.

Page last modified March 31, 2016